! FINALLY OUT IN PAPERBACK, “Vestige and the Skies of cMaj,” by Joseth Moore…

(AuthorHouse, Screenshot by Joseth Moore)

!!! LINK, AMAZON >> Vestige and the Skies of Cmaj.: Moore, Joseth: 9781665520232: Amazon.com: Books

It is a distant future. A generational spaceship becomes a world unto itself. To Maintenance Technician Tyra Housenn and her generation, it’s all they’ve known. Tech Housenn and her search team find an ancient signal on the Ship; an alarm that has existential implications for the colony! How the crew of starship Vestige handles the fuel crisis and the colony’s 2.5 million citizens will be vital to how they approach planet cMaj… Twenty years later, after the colony is unexpectedly forced to settle on cMaj, all is not well among the humans! The colonial Tribe has broken up into three separate Clans. Now, Tyra’s daughter, Miriana, has taken up the mantel of Councilor! Things are very different with Miriana’s generation from her mother’s. For humans are in a political competition to build flying air machines. But they are not the only ones in the skies of cMaj!

!!! ALSO AVAILABLE ON MY PUBLISHER’S SITE, AUTHORHOUSE >> “Vestige and the Skies of cMaj.” By Joseth Moore (authorhouse.com)

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