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(Thursday, October 15, 2020)

” Review 1

  I’ve read hundreds of sci-fi books and this one is just totally amazing and exciting. The book is captivating from start to finish and it’s filled with characters that are authentic and almost believable. I find the storyline to be so realistic with great twists and turns. The book is gripping and I’m highly recommending this to everyone! 

– Orson Gibson T. Crane Jr.

Review 2

  The story is set in a distant future that talks about spaceships with existential implications. The writing is filled with surprises and I never saw the ending coming. Lots of intrigue and mystery that talks about things we never thought possible. It’s also fun to read and you can’t put down the book. I’m looking forward to more books from the author and I’m rating this book five-stars.

– Davina H. Trenton

Review 3

   Such an epic sci-fi novel that awakens your senses! The pacing of the story is fast with no boring chapters. Joseth Moore created a masterpiece as it kept the readers guessing with turnable pages. The book is engrossing and it’s the kind of novel that’s well worth your time. I’m planning to buy more and send it as a gift to my colleagues at work, they will surely enjoy this one! I honestly like this book.

– Andrew P. Birmingham

Review 4

  It’s a good narrative and I’m very happy I was able to get to stumble on this book. The characters were somewhat relatable and I’m fascinated with the author’s wild imagination. I’m doing my best here not to give out any spoilers from the story! I’m looking forward to more books from Mr. Moore, you truly are a gifted writer. I’m very pleased to say that I can highly recommend this one with no hesitation.

– Michelle34@DonaLdsOn

Review 5

  This book is an immense towering achievement for the author. The storyline will change your perspective as Moore is an exceptional writer. The book offers a powerful message and it’s thoroughly absorbing. I see this book as the author’s personal best and it’s being written vividly with interesting narrative mechanisms. I’m actually rereading it this time and hoping I could get another new perspective.

– Roger Grant S. Walsh “

(MatchStick Literary, Screenshot by Joseth Moore)

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