= REAL LIFE PARANORMAL ARTIFACT: From My Short Story eBook, “The Literary Virus”…

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#Halloween2020 : #REALLIFE #PARANORMAL #ARTIFACT : From my #shortstory #ebook, “#TheLiteraryVirus” , In year 2000, a co-worker gifted me THIS artifact, including the plastic casing. Said to have been given to someone he knew, #ww2#era from #NorthAfrica! #USA #EU #UK #Global

! Two-piece artifact pages, given to me, circa 2000. I’m keeping him anonymous, but said he was an Egyptologist (showed me pics, said to be of him in Egypt) & said a relative of his had originally received THIS artifact from someone that was in North Africa during World War II era! ~ Pic by Joseth Moore, October 25, 2020.

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