+ Great Book Review on my latest novelette, “The Shepherd: Compiled”…

!!! WOW, look what Emma Busse said about my latest #novelette, “#TheShepherd” —> ” I started this last night when I saw it, I made it to chapter 3 before I had to go to bed. It’s so good, I’m sitting on the edge of my seat now. It feels like that’s something that could actually happen too. I like Paulo and Alma, I’m sitting down with a hot cup of coffee to read some more I’m invested and need to know what Ritch is going to do now haha. Great story! “Thx to Emma for that #bookreview (via #Facebook) !

! #READ “The Shepherd: Compiled,” HERE >> https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1034166

#eBook #SciFi #Mystery #conspiracytheories #conspiracytheory #NearFuture #Coronavirus #covid19 #politics ~~ #JosethMoore . #USA #EU #UK #Global

{Image: Google-search, Joseth Moore}

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