~In ONE eBOOK: “The SHEPHERD: COMPILED,” by Joseth Moore…

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In ONE eBOOK, “The Shepherd: COMPILED,” by Joseth Moore…
The Great Pandemic of 2020 brought on a new system of governance among humans, whom were, largely, unable to control the global populace from spreading the disease.
But decades later, not everyone was so keen on the all-seeing system, even if it was working on their behalf. The restorative sovereign movement (RSM) was the global resistance that Ritch Falls, a mid-level manager, flirted with. But his moderate views of the Shepherd Kiosk system that regulated humans all over the world after the Pandemic did not fit with the movement. Sooner than later, Ritch would be caught in the middle of the societal clash between those that were sheep to the Shepherd network and those that refused to follow…

#Coronavirus #covid19 #NearFuture #ConspiracyTheories #SciFi #Mystery #Phoenix #Arizona #novelette #eBook #USA #EU #UK

(Image: HD Wallpaper; Joseth Moore)

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