! 2nd Installment of NEW eBOOK: “The Shepherd: BOOK 2” by Joseth Moore…

! 2nd #installment , LINK >> https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/1032525?fbclid=IwAR2GlDgFOWsnJX7uiw5w6dodyt-1Zqw54u44xuI8TXwd9h_-wxEOgeY3pr0

NEW #EBOOK: “#TheShepherd: #BOOK 2″ by #JosethMoore, #smashwords /

Decades after the Great Pandemic of 2020 brought on a new system that became a shadow governance for humans all over the world, Ritch Falls found himself caught up in the politics of citizens that were for the collective Kiosks regulating people against further global diseases and crimes, and those who were against the new system!
Soon, that friction within society will clash! With or without Ritch choosing a side…

#postapocalyptic #future #coronavirus #covid19 #society #USA #EU #UK

(Image: itl . cat , Joseth Moore)

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