My Paranormal Investigation, Livestreamed Tonight: Penny Bridge Urban Legend…


Friend of mine said the Penny Bridge is where one of three young men back in the 1950s, their car driving too fast, died in a car-crash at the Penny Bridge in Lincoln, Nebraska; USA… In the ’50s, when Lincoln was a lot smaller, the township area of College View was connected to Lincoln’s trolley system & citizens had to pay one penny to enter College View. See my investigation on the revamped bridge from tonight!

#PennyBridge #UrbanLegend #investigations #SheridanBoulevard #LincolnNebraska #JosethMoore #ParaEventsBlogs #woods #USA #EU #UK

(image: The Penny Bridge; 33rd and Sheridan Boulevard; Lincoln, Nebraska. Reversed screenshot. Pic by Joseth Moore)

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