SPECIAL Para-Events Blogs no. 13–LAST Blog-format; Now VLOGS…

Joseth Moore·Tuesday, December 24, 2019·

I have decided to switch to the most popular format in Paranormal investigations: Video Blogging, or Vlogs. It’s a more streamlined approach, as I tend to have a great amount of details in my blogs. Which is good! And I’m glad I started off my para-investigative career that way as a foundation. Vlogging should help me be able to speak more directly with the readers/viewers, especially when I do my Livestreaming vlogs (already have three entered). And as always so the readers/viewers know, I’m an Atheist and a Skeptic but not a Debunker…

*I will start filing all my para-vlogs on this Blog-page, no. 13, since most of the written info will accompany the vlogs in the Comments section–a kind of integration of videos and blogging.So, with that announcement,

~~Event no. 14, The “Wilderness Witch” of Wilderness Park of Lincoln, Nebraska and the Train Derailment; Part 1 >> https://www.facebook.com/joseth.moore/videos/2542789849137693/

~~Event no. 15, “Wilderness Witch” of Wilderness Park of Lincoln, Nebraska and the Train Derailment; Part 2 >> https://www.facebook.com/joseth.moore/videos/2542857845797560/

~~Event no. 16, “Wilderness Witch” of Wilderness Park of Lincoln, Nebraska and the Train Derailment; Part 3 >> https://www.facebook.com/joseth.moore/videos/2542905515792793/

~~Event no. 17, “Wilderness Witch” of Wilderness Park of Lincoln, Nebraska and the Train Derailment; Part 4 >> https://www.facebook.com/joseth.moore/videos/2572397502843594/

~~Event no. 18, “Wilderness Witch” of Wilderness Park of Lincoln, Nebraska and the Train Derailment; Part 5 >> https://www.facebook.com/joseth.moore/videos/2572423249507686/

~~Event no. 19, “Wilderness Witch” of Wilderness Park of Lincoln, Nebraska and the Train Derailment; Part 6 >> https://www.facebook.com/joseth.moore/videos/2572506276166050/


~~Event no. 20, “QUICK TAKE ON VIDEO-USAGE IN PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS” >> https://www.facebook.com/joseth.moore/videos/2622745204475490/

~~Event no. 21, “Ethics of Paranormal Investigations OF Contemporary Times”>> https://www.facebook.com/joseth.moore/videos/2624313470985330/

~~NOTATION: *VERY BRIEF ENTRY… See, this is why i’m an #Atheist & #Skeptic–even AS a #Paranormal #Investigator…But the Search MUST go on. WHY…? >> https://www.facebook.com/notes/joseth-moore/special-para-events-blogs-no-13-last-blog-format-now-vlogs/2624494680967209/

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++!! My Original Para-Events Blogs Format >>>

The reader can read Para-Events Blogs no. 1 HERE >> https://www.facebook.com/notes/joseth-moore/para-events-blogs-my-new-blogging-series-on-the-paranormal-anecdotes/1552697304813624/

**Read Para-Events Blogs no. 2 HERE! >> https://www.facebook.com/notes/joseth-moore/para-events-blogs-no-2/1717146748368678/

**Para-Events Blogs no. 3 HERE! >> https://www.facebook.com/notes/joseth-moore/para-events-blogs-no-3-with-video-captured-event/1736829933067026/

**Para-Events Blogs no. 4 HERE! >> https://www.facebook.com/notes/joseth-moore/para-events-blogs-no-4-quick-notations-documentations/1925289520887732/

**Para-Events Blogs no.5 HERE! >> https://www.facebook.com/notes/joseth-moore/para-events-blogs-no-5-state-capitol-walkabout-videoed-on-locale/1975307639219253/

**Para-Events Blogs no. 6 HERE! >> https://www.facebook.com/notes/joseth-moore/para-events-blogs-no-6-the-temple-building-of-the-university-of-nebraska-lincoln/2075256542557695/

**Para-Event Blogs no. 7 HERE! >> https://www.facebook.com/notes/joseth-moore/para-events-blogs-no-7-antelope-park-of-lincoln-nebraska-videos-interviews/2125477690868913/

**Para-Event Blogs no. 8 HERE! >> https://www.facebook.com/notes/joseth-moore/para-events-blogs-no-8-noted-event-restroom-sink/2147832205300128/

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**Para-Events Blogs no. 10 HERE! >> https://www.facebook.com/notes/joseth-moore/para-events-blogs-no-10-podcast-interview-jason-faust-lessen-the-fear-in-the-fie/2192471410836207/

**Para-Events Blogs no. 11 HERE! >> https://www.facebook.com/notes/joseth-moore/para-events-blogs-no-11-the-clara-mills-urban-legend-wesleyan-university-lincoln/2237237129692968/

**Para-Events Blogs no. 12 HERE! >> https://www.facebook.com/notes/joseth-moore/para-events-blogs-no-12-noted-event-windshield-wipers/2252328444850503/


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