Para-Events Blogs no. 12: Noted-Event; Windshield Wipers…

Joseth Moore·Saturday, June 15, 2019

For this Blog, no. 12, Para-Event entry number 13, I’m treating as I’ve done for Blogs numbers 4 and 8–the Screw that unexplainably fell onto the dryer of my family’s home and the sensor-enabled hand-sink at an office job I once had, respectively. I call these quick entries Noted-Events, when some Events that I, as a Paranormal investigator, will simply note an occurrence that barely makes the threshold for what I consider to be unusual enough for me to look into, but not quite significant so that I do a full-inquiry.

Today, June 15, 2019, I was driving my vehicle South-bound on South 48th street in Lincoln, Nebraska, about 20 yards South of Normal Street. As I routinely accelerated after turning–going up a slight incline, as South 48th is in that area–my windshield wipers turned on; swiped once, and no longer moved after that… Approximately four minutes later, I engaged my windshield wipers to make sure the option was functional on my vehicle, and the wipers turned on and functioned normally.

Now, some basic facts and/or data: It was 10:10 AM, Saturday, June 15, 2019. I drive a Chevrolet, year-2000 Blazer. My radio was on (104.5 FM). I was driving about 30-to-33 miles per hour. Based on today’s forecast from the humidity was around 45-to-50% (again, a bit of a stretch, but like my two other Noted-Events blogs, humidity can play a role in how technology functions). I’ve had the Blazer for about four years and have driven on that exact, same street several times over the years, in all seasons of Nebraska–and this was the first time ever my windshield wipers have ever done this!

According to Blue Devil Products, “most common electrical problem in your windshield wiper system is a blown fuse…” (I screen-shot my Google-search, found in Comments section, Below.) But my windshield wipers still work–as I’ve stated, I tested the functionality of them. And if the Reader thinks it was a bump in the street that jarred either the windshield wipers or the fuse, remember, I’ve driven this same street in this same Blazer for about four years, and I tested to see if they turned on and off–and they did so. So it is not a fuse; apparently not weather-related–had the Blazer for years and driven in extreme weather-conditions: again, from TimeAndDate . com, there was not precipitation at that time, though humidity was a little high…Bottom lining it, here, I’m categorizing Blog number 12 in the UNKNOWN file. I don’t see how even a “Believer” (in Paranormal legends, stories, etc) could see this in a Paranormal way, but I have to admit, it is odd!

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(Image: 67-72ChevyTrucks . com)

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