Para-Events Blogs no. 11. The Clara Mills Urban Legend; Wesleyan University–Lincoln, Nebraska: Impromptu Séance!

Wesleyan University of Lincoln, Nebraska is a small higher ed institution when compared to the University of Nebraska’s Lincoln campus (apprx 2,100 to 25,800, respectively~Wikipedia). Being established in 1887, it’s almost as old as UNL, and that means ghost stories. Wesleyan of Nebraska is the location of my Blog number 11 for my Para-Events Blogs, and it is Event-study number 12. With transparency, I’m an Atheist-Skeptic that’s done Paranormal investigations for a year-and-a-half throughout the city of Lincoln…

The urban legend–or as most would call it, ghost story–of Clara Mills is probably the most well-known of ghost stories within Wesleyan’s institution in Lincoln. Even while I was having a side-conversation at my day job during a meeting this past week, at least two other people had a good share of knowledge of the tale!

Between the Lincoln Journal Star (LJS) and my two interviewees (see VIDEOS below in Comments section), the basics of the legend is Clara Mills taught music from 1912 “until she was found dead in her office” (LJS) on April 12th of 1940. The building where her body was found was called the CC White Building, which has since been demolished and had been replaced by the current Smith-Curtis edifice. The Journal Star does have a bit more detail…it says that this ghost story pretty much started with a secretary, Coleen Buterbaugh, in October of 1963 as she was trying to get a guest-speaker for an engagement. The LJS’s side of the urban legend almost sounds like a modern Paranormal movie–apparently, Ms. Buterbaugh was on the North end of the building (my guess, the section where Ms. Mills’ body was found) and she supposedly had seen a woman in a suite–her back to Ms. Buterbaugh all this time–as this woman was going through some “drawer”…

Now, where there’s a bit of divergence from the LJS’ account and the two interviewees I talked to (again, found in VIDEOS in Comments section), is the Journal Star says that Ms Buterbaugh had “felt the presence of a man sitting at the desk”… That’s weird; because neither one of my interviewees said a single thing about a male-figure in all their telling me their version of the Clara Mills urban legend! For me, that weakens the supposed truth to this ghost story. For how is it the secretary–believed to be the first to recount the Clara Mills ghost story–be the only one to bring up the man…at a desk, no less, for some reason just sitting there?

Now, what I do find rather interesting, and I guess I have no rebuttal to (but, going on her word and I was not there!), is in video number one, the young woman recounts how a night light under the arch of the Old Main building had flickered but stopped upon her saying ‘Clara stop!’ Ok, I don’t have a reason not to believe interviewee One, so I’d have to chalk that up to a curious occurrence…

Interviewee Two, in a lot of ways, is the creepiest to me (Video 3, Comments section): As the Reader/Viewer can listen to me interviewing her (maintenance crew), she says she saw a woman that was somewhere in the Smith-Curtis building, but witness Two said “she’s not supposed to go there,” and the lady left–my understanding from the interview, witness Two never saw her again… Also, just to make sure I understood her, I asked witness Two, was she a ‘person.’ Her response: “I don’t know what she was.”

Finally, I must address the séance part of the title of this Blog…As one can see in Video 2, I’m walking around the first level of the Old Main building (pictured in this Blog’s banner) while utilizing the Hertz-method (what I call the “dog whistle” for Paranormal-levels). I end up in Old Main’s Miller Memorial Chapel…in addition to using the Scientific Method, taking a page from other, and more experienced investigators, I decided to “call out” to Clara Mills–hey, for those who are surprised an Atheist like me would do that, I say to you (especially the “Believers” of the Paranormal and the Supernatural), if you are right about Spirits and Ghosts, shouldn’t we get some kind of response with my looking? I’ll let the Readers/Viewers watch Video 2 and let you decide if you hear or see anything that convinces you there was something I videoed… By the way, during that same video session in the Chapel, I purposely captured the digital clock on the microwave–I’m aware of the Numerologists out there, and that would probably be the key thing they would watch during my investigation!

My categorizing of the urban legend of Clara Mills on Lincoln’s Wesleyan’s campus–at least, in the Old Main facility (interviewee Two in Video 3 said it was more than just the CC White building)? I’d place this in the Unknown file–as I stated, interviewee One’s said-experience with the flickering light; it was just the Old Main building that I investigated…again, at least for now…Please link to my other Blogs BELOW…

(All pics by Joseth Moore )

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