Para-Events Blogs no. 10: Interview; Jason Faust, “Lessen the Fear in the Field.”

For my Para-Events Blogs no. 10, there is no Event-entry since it’s a special interview with Jason Faust of Heartland Paranormal–a Paranormal team out of Lincoln, Nebraska (where I’m currently based) that’s kind of a mixture of Paranormal investigations, research, Medium-intervention, and even local fundraiser (worked with ASD Clubhouse–autism nonprofit > , , Paranormal Bully Busters, ) Faust is not only the lead-investigator of the Team, but the founding member. Actor Corkey Ford (“Platoon,” “Born On The Forth of July,” etc. > IMDb) is a mutual friend of ours and that’s how we were able to meet…

We sat down at a Lincoln cultural institution called The Mill coffee house in Lincoln’s College View neighborhood on Wednesday, May 8, 2019. First of all Faust sees himself as a “field researcher” rather than a Paranormal investigator. He’s been active in the investigative-research field since around 2011, but has been observing the Paranormal subject pretty much all his life, the Big Bang-catalyst being Steven Spielberg’s breakout Thriller movie “Jaws” (1975–Wikipedia).

Faust very much is a man of faith. His family is of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Lincoln, and yet, Faust is not big on religious organizations as he is of Belief in the Golden Rule principles and open-mindedness toward others. Indeed, speaking as a Skeptic of the Paranormal, it was refreshing to hear Faust say that he suggests Paranormal true-believers similar to him try to make friends with the Skeptics!

“Jaws” was only the doorway for Faust to step into the Paranormal. He’s read a lot of books on the Paranormal when he was teenager and-on, but a more recent influencer is the father and daughter team Bill James and Rachel McCarthy James’ book, “The Man On the Train” (Scribner; 2017, Google Books > ), storyteller of ghost stories Duane Hutchinson (Amazon, 1987 > ), Faust’s own Latvian-American family history… But, ultimately, influencers can only go so far and one must practice one’s craft. And in this case for Jason Faust that meant his research and investigations and the founding of Heartland Paranormal. I was genuinely surprised when Faust told me after a brief hiatus from his residential investigations from December of 2018 to March of 2019, people were clamoring for him to continue–as in several emailed-requests! Safety, when in someone else’s abode and you were behind locked doors, was one of the factors in Faust taking a break from his Paranormal interventions.

Another aspect of Faust’s work in the Paranormal were his over-night stays for investigative research at the famed Villisca Ax Murder House in Villisca, Iowa, > , the Malvern Manor of Malvern, Iowa > , and his research at other locales. He said that sometimes in an overnight investigation at a house with alleged Paranormal activities, “not a damn thing” will happen…and as a Paranormal investigator myself, I can say–with the exception of the overnight–that I can definitely relate!

I’d like to end this blog on what I consider an exciting feature to Faust’s Paranormal ecosystem: “Investigator For A Day”! I love the premise of children and their families taking a day and utilizing Critical Thinking and the Scientific Method while being a Paranormal investigator themselves! It’s part of Faust’s stated agenda to “lessen the fear in the field” of the Paranormal. Whatever side you are coming from in the subject of the Paranormal, that can only be a good thing for society!~Joseth Moore; Paranormal Investigator of the Para-Events Blogs. May 11, 2019.

(IMAGES, included BELOW in COMMENTS section by Jason Faust via Facebook)

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Heartland Paranormal, Jason Faust (Left), & other member; booth. Via Jason Faust, Facebook

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