Para-Events Blogs no. 9: Quick Assessment vis-à-vis My Paranormal Investigations…

Joseth Moore·Sunday, April 14, 2019

It’s just two months shy of being a year-and-a-half since I’ve actively started my Paranormal investigative research and work. Friday of January 19, 2018 is when I did my first blog–which I had posted four Events that could be deemed Paranormal (that’s why my blog-counts do not match my Entry (“Events”)-counts). Although this blog, number nine, is only an assessment, I still have all my Para-Events Blogs posted at the bottom of this entry for the Readers to link.

Also, as a reminder, I started this Blogging series with me being transparent to the Readers that I am an Atheist, and, not surprisingly, a Skeptic of the Paranormal, though I am not a Debunker! Without rehashing the premise of my investigative approach, I suggest one read Blog number one (again, linked below).

Ok, my Assessment, thus far, of the Paranormal, as it relates to my investigations…

After one year and four months, I’ve done ten (10) investigations of ‘Events.’ I have actually eleven Events entered, but Para-Event number one (see Blog number 1) was about my younger brother and I when I was around 10 years old and he was about 9, so that was a retro-active posting what I now call “Noted Events” (as I’ve started using in Blog number 8):

—> Of the 11 investigations I conducted,

Seven (7) out of 11 I classified as Unknown–not enough info to Debunk nor Affirm as a genuine Paranormal Event!

Four (4) out of the 11 Events I investigated I was able to Debunk!–> Event no. 3–the Burger King location, Event no. 5–an anonymous fast food restaurant I worked at, Event no. 8–at Nebraska’s State Capitol building {my most popular/read blog of the series based on my dashboard analytics!}, and Event no. 10–at the city park called Antelope Park, in Lincoln, Nebraska… Again, to see my reasons and criterion for Debunking, please read my linked blogs below.

Zero (0) out of the 11 Events I investigated I was able to Affirm.

**As an aside, it is key, in my opinion as a Paranormal investigator, that sites and events that we investigate should cover a wide-range of settings: Three (3) out of the 11 Events I investigated were on public grounds–Nebraska’s State Capitol, the Temple Building (for Drama majors at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln), and the urban Antelope Park…I say this, because if all locations for Paranormal investigations were in/on private property–where an individual(s) or group guards all access to the setting for us, investigators, then such private settings might skew the direction of a Paranormal investigation!

**Two other key notes about my approach in investigating: I make sure to interview several people as much as the situation allows me to, otherwise it’s just my blogging and talking in my own videos–best to get other people’s assessment along side mine, especially when they’re strangers to me! Also, I deliberately let all of my videos record continuous–no breaks or editing, so there’s no question as to whether or not what you Readers/Viewers see is real or not! I know–with my Zero out of 11 Events, nothing to see, huh? And that’s my point…

I don’t know how long I’ll investigate Events that are long-held urban/historic legends or mundane happenings that I, personally, experience–for ghost stories and other Paranormal legends go back, literally, thousands of years! At some point, especially now that I’ve joined the conversation (ie, my own investigations), I have to ask myself: I was already a Skeptic before, but one not just willing, but actually went out to do some transparent investigations (unedited videos for all to see with me), to what end?

And, like I said–mixing anecdotal with some empirical info–4/11 Events I came to Debunk; Unknowns having a certain mysterious appeal to them, but after investigating already and without evidence, like my friend said (see Comments section of Blog no. 1), otherwise we’re just telling ghost stories…

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