Para-Events Blogs no. 8: Noted-Event; Restroom Sink…

Joseth Moore·Friday, April 12, 2019

There will probably be some Events that I, as a Paranormal investigator, will simply note an occurrence that barely makes the threshold for what I consider to be unusual enough for me to look into, but not quite significant so that I do a full-inquiry. I’d say my Entry, Blog no. 4 (“QUICK Notations, Documentations”)–about a screw strangely falling on top of the dryer on a quiet, early-Sunday morning when I was seated at my laptop and my wife and her pets were all sleeping–is another good, previous example that shows sometimes a very mundane Event can still warrant a quick blog (found below this blog, with all my other Entries)…

Blog no. 8–para-Event number 11. Yet another worksite for my Para-Events Blogs (name of company will remain anonymous. Someday, I plan to branch out throughout the US with more investigations, plus other Paranormal subjects such as UFOs, Bigfoot, etc). Northwest Lincoln, Nebraska. Friday, April 12, 2019 at approximately 1:15 PM, I had used a motion-sensor hand sink (Sorry, I did not think to get the model and make, nor the brand–but I was at work when this, unexpectedly, occurred!). Approximately one minute, and twenty-seconds later–not long before I was about to leave, I heard the water “turn on” from that very same faucet–the setup being one row of sinks; four total, the one in question at the very left end of the men’s restroom. Also, I estimate the faucet’s run-time around eight-to-ten seconds.

I’ve only been at this worksite for exactly two weeks, but long enough to say I’ve never seen any of the faucets turn on without someone waving a hand in front of any of the faucets. It is possible there is/was a malfunction (eg, problem with the sensor) that had not yet been fixed on that particular faucet and I just happened to be in the bathroom when the water turned on by itself…by the way, Reader, during all this time for Event number 11, no one else was in–nor came into–the men’s restroom while this occurred.

For added measure, later, I looked up on to see what the city of Lincoln’s weather conditions were like around 1:15 (April 12, 2019)–around 41 degrees Fahrenheit; overcast with humidity hovering between 38-to-35%; while the barometer (could be most relevant since I was examining a motion-sensor tech sink!) was between 29.88 ”Hg and 29.90 ”Hg–so, the pressure had gone up, but only by 2/10th of one percent. More to the point, even if the weather (on the outside, but sometimes affects indoors) had something to do with that sink turning on by itself, why only that one sink out of the four?

Usually, by now, in most of my other investigations I would have made reference to images or videos I had captured. This time I do not…Again, as with a good share of my para-investigative blogs, this took place at a (new!) job of mine and I did not want to risk getting in trouble by taking pics on-site with my smartphone! (Secured location; very different from previous restaurants I worked before–refer to linked blogs below.) Plus, given that our restroom breaks are a bit restricted, I had no time for a detailed investigation…

Under the circumstances I think it’s best to put this “Noted-Event” in the UNKNOWN category for the time being.

(image: Fotolia . com)

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