Para-Events Blogs no. 7: Antelope Park of Lincoln, Nebraska (Videos & Interviews)…

I can tell the Reader upfront that I don’t expect Blog number seven of my Paranormal investigations to be very long. Three main reasons: Three sources, Haunted Rooms > , the Lincoln Journal Star > , and Haunted Places > all have very short articles on the subject of ghost stories and Antelope park. Lastly–my own, primary-source of investigation I conducted on Wednesday, March 27, 2019. And it’s here where I inform those who are reading and watching my investigations for the first time that I’m a Paranormal investigator out of Lincoln, Nebraska; USA, though I come at my investigations with a Skeptic’s eye. I’ve been an Investigator for a little more than a year…

Event 10) The blurb from Haunted Rooms (in the US and the UK) states that “visitors have reported seeing apparitions that walk all the way across the field before disappearing into the woods on the other side.” The Journal Star also cited from Haunted Rooms, en verbatim. And, as one can tell by going to each link, Haunted Places was, also, pretty sparse in their treatment of the exact same blurb–though Haunted Places used the term Witnesses, versus Visitors, like Haunted Rooms–suggests to me the author of the Haunted Places posting may have been local, visited Antelope Park, or they had at least talked with a local person…but, more importantly, as I scrolled down on the Haunted Places site, I ran across two comments in the Comments-section. Frankly, both seem incongruent–the second one, posted by one- “David,” was posted one day before I went over and conducted my investigation at Antelope Park…there was absolutely no snow in all of Lincoln–frankly, for that week up to that point. The Reader can read both comments in my Comments section–it’s a screenshot. Not a major part of my investigation since it’s a “random” person’s posted comment, but it also does not help buttress the urban legend, either!

As the Reader may have read from the three sources above, they all vaguely state a lot of people seeing some kind of (many–Haunted Places)“apparitions” that were “behind the caretaker’s house.” The structure shown in the Lincoln Journal Star is the amphitheater–even while I was walking around the main, expansive section of Antelope Park, I was not sure which of the nearby houses was considered the caretaker’s house! As one can see in video number two, one house, in particular, seemed very close to the Park’s property and it was well-lit. Before and after conducting my investigation, I still was not sure which house was considered the caretaker’s house!

I will let my videos do most of the talking, as it were. But just so the Reader knows, I utilized the Hertz-method of investigating–where I learned to use a Hertz-emitter (via YouTube) that carried a sound-scale, even 18 Hertz-and below. Based on some of my research (*check the Comments section of Blog no. 1), 18 Hz and under is considered Paranormal since it’s beyond Human’s capacity to hear–hence, I used my Hz-emitter like a dog whistle for alleged-ghosts…and, again as one watches my videos, I utilized the Hertz-method and a couple of phone-apps to help (a spectrogram app and that infrared-simulated app that I decided against in blogs five and six since it could not measure heat–however, came in handy in a very dark Antelope Park when I needed basic visual metrics! The spectrogram was a nice addition to measure sound!)…

In the end, I’d have to say with this tenth Event of my Para-Events Blogs, my sources are very limited in the way of the narration, yet because of that it makes it easier to target what Event I needed to watch for since there were not a lot of moving parts to this alleged ghost legend (refer to my Blog no. 5 of Nebraska’s State Capitol–voice in elevators, falling apparition, stairways, the outside dome…!). I’d say the Antelope Park urban legend is just that, and I consider it DEBUNKED–not having seen any paranormal activity during my investigation–dark, isolated, using instruments, plus in video with four teenagers (my guess, plus two middle-aged people I asked in other video!) it was more of them saying what they’ve heard or read about–not really them experiencing it!

Some readers may have read some or one of my other Blogs and see that sometimes I go back for follow-ups…it’s possible, even likely I’ll do it for Antelope Park.

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(All pics and videos done by Joseth Moore )

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