Para-Events Blogs: no. 6: The Temple Building of the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Videos & Interviews…

Joseth Moore·Friday, February 22, 2019

The Temple Building has been an established institution of Nebraska’s flagship university since 1907 and is most famous for two things: famous alumni and comedian, Johnny Carson and haunted stories! Do a Google-search and the Reader will find more on “hauntings” than basic scholastic articles! And the Temple Building is my Blog number six of my Para-Events investigations. And it’s here where I remind or inform the Readers I’m a Paranormal investigator with a skeptical view that documents with actual objects and/or locales, plus some basic Paranormal research.

EVENT 9) I’ve been over to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s (UNL) Temple Building for my Para-Events research about five times now, and that includes my first walkabout there–February of 2018; a few days over a year since I’ve done so. So, one could say it’s been a year of the making for this Entry (looked at my “details” or my first video on my older, ZTE phone)! Since that year has gone by, I’ve done a lot of Paranormal research and investigations (LINKS to all my other Entries found below) and learned a bit about some of the pseudo- to real science applied when researchers do Paranormal investigations–such as the Hertz-levels.

Thanks to: The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary, TurboFuture – Technology,,, CENTRAL CALIFORNIA THE OTHER PARANORMAL SOCIETY , the Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory, and even Google, Wikipedia and YouTube, all these sources that I’ve read helped me to understand the real science of measuring in Hertz and how, we, in the Paranormal investigative field can glean from such knowledge and utilize it as well!

For me, that was the biggest takeaway for Blog number six: though I’m a Skeptic when it comes to most things Paranormal (especially when the subject overlaps into the Supernatural–ghosts, demons, etc), at least with the measuring with Hertz, Kilohertz, and/or insane-levels of THz (one-trillionth of a hertz!–Fuel Your Pipeline Faster – TechTarget, Michael Victory via Quora)–at least we’re able to measure by some kind of metric in the Paranormal field, rather than just the ancient-held gut-feelings, clairvoyance, or some divining stick. And, by the way, 18 Hertz-and-under is considered by many Paranormal investigators and researchers as paranormal-levels: beyond humans to hear.

Bottom-lining it: I utilized a Hertz emitter via YouTube while doing my walkabout in the Temple Building like one would try to blow a dog-whistle to get the attention of a dog–though the sound that the dog can hear is out of human-range! Not to provoke whatever entity(ies) that could’ve been there, mind you. That was the premise, based on what Believers of the Paranormal might think. Specifically, I did this in the Howell Theatre–on the lower, main-level and especially on the balcony’s right side–where urban legends have it that a former “head-master” instructor for theatre (as one of the five students I interviewed put it–three young women seated in Video number one, below) had a favorite spot for his seat during plays. It’s said that in 1987, a student was practicing his tap-dancing when he heard disembodied applause from one person, though the student could not find anyone else in the Theatre upon his searching for the source of the claps (The Daily Nebraskan; “Ghost Stories of Lincoln Unraveled” by Anna Jo Bratton, Oct. 31, 2001)!

Also, in that same interview, the young woman to the left in the video said, late at night, one could hear footsteps in the fourth floor–though no one was “supposed” to be up there. So, of course that meant I had to do my investigation on the fourth floor–captured in Video three–mind you, I had a technical limit with my smartphone, so I had to resort to utilizing my older phone as backup!

I will let the Reader let my videos ‘speak’ more of Event number 9 for me. As for me, I cannot say that any of the students’ claims–from hearing footsteps on the fourth floor, or an elevator’s doors opening up late at night when no one else is around (from a Heather and Conor; but not videoed), to “rafters moving”–a point which two of the students admitted it could’ve been the result of a very old structure with a breeze going through (Video one)…none of these claims, especially when added with my year’s work of returning to the Temple Building and conducting my investigation–none of it convinces me of any Paranormal Events on any level. Though, I have to admit, just looking at Video number three of the fourth floor, it is a bit spooky to be up there!

At this point, unlike my investigation at the State Capitol of Nebraska (blog linked below), I do not have info to fully-Debunk the ghost stories of the Temple Building (eg, the elevator door with no pedestrian traffic late at night opening up “by itself”–student Heather), so I’ll place it in the UNKNOWN category for now…

(image: Nebraska Haunted Houses)

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