Para-Events Blogs: no. 5: State Capitol Walkabout (VIDEOED ON LOCALE)

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Finally got a chance to get into the State Capitol, here, in Lincoln, Nebraska and did some recording for my Para-Events series! And, as always, I like to remind the Readers I’m a Para-Investigator with a skeptical view that documents with actual objects and/or locales, plus some basic Paranormal research. Also, to note, it’s approximately one month shy of a year since I’ve started my Paranormal investigations. Linked references to my other blogs are found below this article…

EVENT 8) This so-called Event (my basic classification of alleged and even documented events) will be my eighth entry, though given my smartphone’s space is limited, the video I recorded at the State Capitol for this entry could not all be uploaded online…so, from time to time, I plan on uploading segments of my video (It seems I have to wait several hours; perhaps my phone provider’s limiting customers’ usage?).

Anyway, I’ve grown up in Lincoln, Nebraska my entire life (stint in Birmingham, Alabama when I was around four, but our family moved back), and having been a former state worker downtown, I’ve been to the Capitol countless times and I’ve never seen nor heard any Paranormal activities. I’ll get to the stated Para-Events that are said to have and still occur at the Capitol in a bit…

With that said, there still is history and other people’s accounts (beliefs?). I’m using the online source Haunted Attractions –Real Hauntings and Attractions as a springboard source, though I reference other sources. Haunted Houses did this really good article on the said-haunting of Nebraska’s state capitol: Read HERE >>

They did a good job of listing said-Events and summarize historical accounts. What’s relevant for my Para-research are the reported (though vaguely-referenced) Native-American historical claims to the plot of land the Capitol looms over and the six accidental deaths that are said to have happened there.

Starting with the Indian historical part: Below, in the Comments section, there’s a map of Native-American “tribal lands in Nebraska,” as this map from Casey Dunn using the US Census from 2010, puts it. For Lincoln, it’s the Ponca Federal Land Trust (see it all the time; central-Lincoln). Doing a quick Wikipedia search, plus some common knowledge that most Nebraskans acquire, Lincoln used to be the town of Lancaster before becoming Lincoln, and by 1867 Nebraska became part of the United States…before Europeans / European-Americans came and staked claim in Lancaster county–some searching for salt for preserving hunting-meat in what is now the Salt Creek area, the Ponca and most likely other Tribes (Indian-Nations) had their own established society here. So that puts more flesh on that aspect of the research. I, personally, have not heard nor read any account of a Ponca’s Paranormal presence anywhere in the Capitol as a result of Nebraskans constructing the Tower atop of their homeland. And, as I’ve stated, I’ve grown up here and usually one would’ve heard something in the form of urban legends locals usually propagate. But that’s not to say there aren’t any legends of said-hauntings. Plus, in my research (at this stage), I did not run across any articles about such subject.

As for the six accidental deaths…I mentioned to my wife about my investigative research at the Capitol and told her about the six fatal accidents I read about. Told her one pretty much verifies what I heard since I was a tweenager; that a worker accidentally fell to his death from the Capitol’s dome–some approximately 400 feet down! That was probably the second death listed in the Haunted Houses article; the employee doing maintenance who slipped and fell to his death.

The purported (I’m sorry, but remember I’m a Skeptic) haunted manifestations cited in the article range from a male’s voice heard crying in the elevator, some dark misty form as one walks the stairwells / stairs, to an apparition “free-falling” from the 12th floor of the Capitol, but vanish before impact (article linked above)! Well, decades before I even had interest in the Paranormal, and even yesterday when I videoed, I heard no voices nor anyone crying on my elevator-rides in the Capitol; I saw no misty figures falling or otherwise–REFER TO MY VIDEOS IN COMMENTS SECTION.

Now, given that we are talking the Paranormal, I’ve learned, as with any other sub-culture, one needs to speak the colloquial language if one wants to be more effective at understanding and reaching out to said-community. In point, a Believer would likely point out that I went during the daytime (just after 3PM Central). Plus, as one could see in my videos, there were several tourists in the chamber and sections of the Capitol I was in–traditionally, for whatever reason, it seems in Paranormal legends ghosts, spirits, demons, and other entities seem shy of revealing themselves in crowds in the daytime!

Finally, a key note for this Blog, number 5 (Para-Event 8), this was more of a Research than an actual Investigation… I gathered info with my recorder on my smartphone and my personal observation. Investigation would’ve involved more of me testing and comparing various aspects of the Event and/or locale… So, with that said, I’m not even going to file this particular Event! I usually end with classifying my blogs with the Unknown or the Debunk files, but it’s kind of hard to do a traditional investigation when you are in a state capitol with live-cameras on you and guards and cops tucked away in that edifice!

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Below, screenshot of map of Native-American “tribal lands in Nebraska,” via Casey Dunn using the US Census from 2010; & MY VIEDOES (by Joseth Moore )

(image: “Capitol in the Mist” by Zuiun)

++PS: The non-descript, windowless doors in the videos you saw were all locked! I made sure to try to open them, for investigative purposes.

!! ADDENDUM: OFFICIAL DEUBUNKMENT: I had gone back to the Capitol over a month after I had videoed and written my Para-Events Blogs no. 5 in Dec. of 2018. Today, I was taking pics with an app that SIMULATED infrared (the same with the Howell Theatre at UNL’s Temple Building, but that’s for Blog no. 6)! Later in the day, I decided AGAINST using the app since it was ONLY a simulation–as the app OPENLY disclosed (pic below). In other words, the app had NO abilities to measure heat and, therefore, was not a “thermal radiation thermometer(s)” (Wikipedia). Due to my personal ethics in Paranormal investigations, I decided not to use the simulated-infrared pics (one, of the Capitol, is below for reference).

The way I see it, and I mean no controversy with other Paranormal investigators, such superficial instruments are used far too often in many investigations (something that reads in the kilohertz, at the very least, would have some kind of significance– reference “Why Use An EMF Reader When Ghost Hunting?”; scroll way down in Comments section of my Para-Events Blog no. 1).

This was my THIRD trip to the Capitol for this investigation–so that means:~~a lot of time I’ve spent with leg-work in this project, including my original work captured in Blog no. 5 above. ~~my second time, running into Tourism Supervisor Roxanne Smith (video below)–whom not only is an official within the tourism office at the Capitol, but had done her own research and, according to her, she found nothing about the state of Nebraska government hiring a prison inmate (at all!), especially for putting up Christmas lights at the Capitol (urban legends of him falling high from Capitol; therefore his “ghost”…and, as the Reader may have seen in the 4th video, Smith sarcastically discredited the alleged voices / man sobbing in the elevator…~~while at the Capitol today, I ran across several tourists and I cold-spot asked them if they’ve heard or seen anything “out of the ordinary,” or strange… A) Including a bride and a groom, there was a knot of people from a wedding: apprx 8 people. B) One middle-age man, who told me he was born and lived in Lincoln and visited the Capitol a myriad of time. C) Apprx 7 teenage boys going into that very same elevator the Reader may have seen me use in videoes 1 and 2 (remember the alleged male-voice weeping or moaning in the elevator(s)? D) An extremely knowledgeable, young historian-by education, Jessica, told me one or two more alleged ghost stories that she admitted she did not observe nor believed. E) And when you throw in Supervisor Smith from my second visit, that makes approximately 18 to 20 people at the Capitol I’ve asked if they’ve witnessed, in any form, anything unusual and they’ve all said No!

Note that I did tell them I’m a Paranormal investigator–sometimes before asking if they’ve seen any para-activities, and sometimes I told them what I was after asking if they’ve observed any strange happenings–a bit of variant in a study to demonstrate the outcome is the same is good to do!

So, there you have it, Readers. Based on my above experience and my investigation–with the help of tourists and a couple of guides and my springboard-source–I’ve officially classified, any and all ghost stories (to the best of my knowledge) of the State Capitol in Lincoln, Nebraska DEBUNKED. (Joseth Moore ; Saturday, January 26, 2019)

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