Para-Events Blogs: no. 4 (QUICK Notations, Documentations)

Joseth Moore·Sunday, November 11, 2018

( My original Facebook posting {with pics!} can be read & viewed HERE >>    )

This is just a short entry for my Para-Events Blogs, the seventh Event. As I remind some of the readers, I’m a Para-Investigator with a skeptical view that documents with actual objects and/or locales, plus some basic Paranormal research…

EVENT 7) Of all place, the house where my wife and I live! I will not give out our address, but will say we live in the Near South neighborhood in Lincoln, Nebraska. Our house is one of those (near-) hundred-year old houses you see so often in Near South, and that could be very relevant. Approximate time, 4:35 AM. As I am blogging this about 25 minutes after Event, the local climate according to one of Lincoln’s local media online site, is 0% precipitation, 85% humidity, and 4 miles per hour wind outdoors, though said-Event occurred indoors…

I was on my laptop at said-time, with my headphones on while listening/watching a political video from a news source when I heard a metallic clank! At said-time, my wife was asleep on a couch in the living room, and, importantly, both of her pets–a cat and a dog–were both also sleeping adjacent to her (I double checked). I say important, because at the time I heard the single, sharp metallic clank no one in the house was walking around–myself included as I was reading/watching news on my laptop; seated at our dining room table…

…so how the hell did a (pictured) screw (not a nail, that was hammered in years ago; but screwed into place!) simply drop from the basement ceiling and onto our dryer? And the real kicker, as the Reader can see from my two pics, the screw is broken at the shaft-end!
Now, as anyone who’s been to the Near South barrio, it has a fair amount of vehicle traffic–especially during the morning times. But this was around 4:35 AM! Very light, to-no vehicle traffic on our adjacent street at that time for any street vibrations to dislodge that screw (I’ve felt our house shake due to large trucks during high-traffic times in the daytime; this was not one of those cases!)

As I went to the basement (refer to 2 pics) I documented actual, said-Object, as is key for my Para-Events Blogs series. Plus I checked the basement ceiling directly above the dryer–where the screw had landed, and found nothing out of place nor shaking due to any constant vibration or any types of movement. Plus, a bit later, I opened the doors to relevant rooms directly above that basement section of the house–while my wife yet slept and the pets remained in their positions–for extra confirmation. Obviously, no one else–and nothing else–was walking around that I could see should have caused the broken screw to fall from the basement ceiling.

There is one, and very unlikely, scenario I can see could’ve caused the screw to drop: Marking at 5:23AM exactly, our house’s central-heater kicked on and it’s fairly loud. Which has the potential to translate into vibrations throughout the house. However, I do not remember the heater running at approximate time of 4:35 AM, much less kicking on. Besides, of the 4 years and 8 months we’ve lived here, I do not recall hearing any other objects dropping from the basement ceiling due to the heating system (nor the air conditioner!) kicking on, even if it did that around 4:35 AM during said-, Para-Event…
And, though I’m a Skeptic, I feel it is relevant to stipulate that I know of no ghost stories or rumors associated with this house.

I’m filing this in the UNKNOWN category.

**PS: Something just occurred to me while finishing this blog, and I’m very leery to point this out given that I’m not just a Skeptic, but an Atheist: When one writes today’s date in numeric expression, it’s 11-11-18 (Sunday)…Those of a more “Believing” view might assign some kind of connection to today’s Para-Event to today’s date (Numerology)!

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