Progressives, We Must Recalibrate Our Views On Self-Defense & Pacifism…

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Joseth Moore·Sunday, October 28, 2018

President John F Kennedy (November 22, 1963), Martin Luther King Jr (April 4, 1968), Bobby Kennedy (June 5, 1968)… This past week, the racist, registered-Republican Floridian Cesar Sayoc could have added to this list of assassinated American Progressive politicians to potentially 14 more when he mailed up to 14 (what I’ve read to-date) bombs this week. The targeted Progressives ranged from former President Barack Obama and his former secretary of state, also former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, to two Progressive non-politicians, actor Robert De Niro and billionaire Tom Steyer.

Again, just staying with this week: as of yesterday, October 27, 2018, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania the anti-Semite, bigot and murderous Robert Bowers burst through the doors of the Tree of Life synagogue and massacred 11 people–police apprehended the monster.

This is in addition to your run-of-the-mill, daily hate crimes that happen in the US, as referenced in Time magazine with Melisa Chan in November 14, 2016 (up to 5,400 in 2014–I always, only go by the Obama administration for more recent Department of Justice figures since I do not trust the DOJ under Trump). And, contrary to the Right Wing media and their mouth pieces, White assailants are always the majority instigators of most hate crimes (I remember reading the DOJ’s tables and columns even under the GW Bush administration about this! Readers should access DOJ’s figures from GW Bush and Obama administrations. Back in both administrations, I remember reading the average, annual hate crimes stats hovering around 7,000 to 8,000). Frankly and personally, I don’t give a shit about the race of a terrorist or murderer, in the end they’ve killed people. But it is always relevant and good to be statistically accurate, plus the politics of Race in America, we Progressives must be on our intellectual toes!

So now that we’ve got a bit of numbers to go on and not mere emotions and anecdotes, this is the main thrust of this blog: Given that the Trump regime is encouraging, if not complicit to, violent, racist acts in the US post-2016 election against racial / ethnic minorities, LGBTQ (reference Trump’s reaction after the Charolottesville Unite The Right rally where a White nationalist murdered a young woman after plowing his car into protesting-Progressives!), etc, how should we Progressives in America protect ourselves from Right Wing domestic terrorists and lone wolves?

Frankly, I’ve heard more than enough about holding vigils, prayers, and encouraging speeches. Those are needed by some of my Progressive sisters and brothers, so I’ll respect that for them. But all those activities do not prevent White nationalists from engaging in lethal acts against us! I’m not suggesting all violent acts of any sort can all be prevented, but we are able to prevent some with legislation (we do it all the time with laws against all sorts of crimes), obviously–as Progressive–I support gun control legislation… But those acts don’t directly protect us, Progressive citizens during the violent acts!

This is the controversial aspect to this blog and where it gets to what type of philosophical angle we, Progressives, want to have in this Trump-America (remember, the Republicans control all levers of government as of today; from the state legislatures to both chambers of Congress, and, of course, the Supreme Court and the White House!). Political experts suggest, as of today, Sunday October 28, 2018, we Democrats might likely re-take the House of Representatives but not likely the Senate… aside from issuing subpoenas to our enemies (that’s what the GOP is these days, we must embrace this) in the House–if we Democrats take it back–and hold theatrical hearings, if the GOP control the Senate, the White House, and the Supreme Court (as backup!), none of that will matter! We’d have to have, at least, both chambers of Congress to truly contain Trump. So, Trump and the GOP have no incentive to reign in their violent constituents!
We Progressives need to get comfortable taking up self-defense classes, packing instruments of self-defense–including lethal-grade!, and doing all this legally so Right Wingers won’t have a legal and constitutional reason to arrest us!

We can take a page from the original Black Panthers: “…The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States gives a right to bear arms. We therefore believe that all Black people should arm themselves for self- defense…” (The original Black Panther Party, via Marxist History: USA: Black Panther Party) We, Progressives, in general, should heed the Panthers’ call for legal self-defense in Trump-era America. Not just African-Americans–which I am one, by the way. I, strongly, suggest for those that have legal or practical reasons where they cannot legally obtain firearms that they consider self-defensive daggers, batons (nightsticks), etc. The Reader can refer to my other blog on self-defense, “ANTIFA, Pacifism, & Where I Fit In,” linked at the bottom of this blog.

We Progressives are split on the issue of armed self-defense. We still have a lot of Pacifists from the 60s era, both in terms of citizens themselves and such philosophy picked up by some of the Gex-Xers and Millennials. Some who have read my other political blogs know about my mother growing up and living in the Jim Crow days in Birmingham, Alabama (you can see a pic of her in my up-coming blog). I mentioned about her witnessing the aftermath of the KKK’s bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing, September 15, 1963. Four young African-American women were murdered by the Klan that day, and my mother told me how she, being across the street when the bombing happened, saw the gaping hole in the church! You can read about my account of this from my “The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Rally–Lincoln, Nebraska, 2018: North America Blogs Edition” blog, linked below with my other linked blogs… That was my mother that had first-hand witness of the result of White nationalism’s violent and murderous work.

Today, in Trump-America, I feel as though the US has become one of those SciFi Dystopian societies. Unfortunately, fellow Progressives, this is a real dystopia we, now, find ourselves in and we must protect ourselves from that system’s rulers and their constituents!

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