UFOs, Aliens, Bigfoot, & Ghosts: the Paranormal “Believers.”

Joseth Moore·Friday, July 13, 2018

Truthfully this blog could be filed under my Para-Events Blogs or my North America Blogs since it’s about how people who go beyond mere speculation about the Paranormal and outright believe in UFOs, aliens, Bigfoot (Yeti, Momo…), ghosts, and legends that are more Supernatural (spirits, souls, demons, angels, etc)! Without simply rehashing it, I’m talking about my trip to Silicon Valley, when I had attended the History Channel’s inaugural Alien Con in Santa Clara, California at the end of October of 2016: READ, PICS LINKED BELOW…

It was asked during the convention who was, and I quote, “a believer?” The overwhelming majority of those attendees that proudly call themselves “Believers” (raising of hands) in the Paranormal (most likely on a sliding scale between the various legends). But another experience I’ve personally had was with a podcaster from near the Toronto, Canada area–whose podcast I was a call-in guest and a caller for several months in 2017: Wolfman Mike of the Monster Castle Paranormal show. And, of course, to the most well-known Paranormal figures such as George Noory, Linda Moulton Howe, Richard Hoagland, and many others (reference my Alien Con blog)–though, I did get the sense that a couple of the Ancient Aliens contributors seemed, refreshingly, a bit more level-headed about the possibility of alien-visitations on Earth.

What sparked me to write about this, specifically today, was the Paranormal radio show Ground Zero, out of Portland, Oregon; with Clyde Lewis. My wife and I discovered him last year on one of our local stations, here in Lincoln, Nebraska and I finally called in and chatted shortly with him. Over the majority of a year I’ve been listening to his show, I’d say it’s safe to say Lewis’ show is a lot like Coast-to-Coast with Noory. Like I did with Noory when I ran into him at Alien Con ‘16, I told Lewis that I’m a Skeptic and not a Debunker, as well as a reference to Alien Con and me, also, meeting Bad Astronomy guru Phil Plait in 2007 (my word, those two must have had some bad encounters of a third kind!).

Look, I’m not out to create some controversy with any of these people I’m mentioning. But I’ve learned years ago it’s best to be honest with yourself and greater society. I make it a point, as I’m sure those who may have read my other blogs, to let others know that I’m an Atheist and Skeptic because there simply aren’t very many of us out there. Especially in the Paranormal community, which, I guess, I should really consider myself a part of now, since I’m interacting with the Paranormal community as often as I do. Plus me having started my own Paranormal investigative blogs, The Para-Event Blogs! Read number One, BELOW (with Links to the other blogs)… Mind you, I’m up-front with the readers that my research/investigations are from the Skeptic-angle and I’m still new to the field, even after starting seven months ago (almost a year since I tried to get others to join me in the research, but no takers; so on my own!). And I think with my Skeptical background and philosophy, I think I can contribute to the Paranormal conversations about these deeply-held beliefs and legends in society.

I have to publicly admit that I got burned, socially, by that burning belief in the Paranormal while being a call-in guest on that Monster Castle podcast out of the Toronto area. I think I offended not only Wolfman Mike with my adamant Atheism, but some of his other guests and/or co-hosts. I can be abrasive, I admit. But I will say a few of them seemed to take a defensive posture when they found out that I was not only a Skeptic but an Atheist as well! That, and as anyone who’s been on both radio and podcasts, being on a podcast show is basically a jungle of social etiquette since they’re not broadcast on radio waves and not under the control of radio corporations, and therefore, not subject to the same laws as radio stations…let’s just say on a couple of my appearances on the Monster Castle podcast there was a lot of cursing and testosterone between the others guests/co-hosts and I! I do regret that, but it’s one of the important things I’ve learned in dealing with the Believers-community within the Paranormal sub-culture. One that I’m learning how to navigate, if I am to successfully continue not only my own investigative-researches, but even when I write more of my own Paranormal ebooks!

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