Para-Events Blogs: no. 3 (WITH VIDEO-CAPTURED EVENT!)

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Joseth Moore·Wednesday, July 4, 2018

For the Para-Events Blogs series, this entry is the sixth “Event,” or claimed occurrence that is said by local people I know–or myself–to be Paranormal (or even Supernatural) in nature. I, being a novice ‘Para-Investigator,’ in turn, like to look into said-situation from the traditions of the Scientific Method as possible. I, also, like to remind the reader that I am an Atheist and a Skeptic of the Paranormal. Though, important to note, I’m not a Debunker. I’m, generally, open to the possibility that in this big Universe, to borrow a phrase from Albert Einstein, spooky actions can and do occur…

EVENT 6) As a caregiver at one of my two jobs, I’ve cleaned a particular China Hutch for well-over 25 years. The family in possession of said-Hutch will remain anonymous. The patriarch of said-family had died nearly 5 years ago (key to this Event), and the widow (my client) moved in with another relative. Said-relative’s house-basement is where this Hutch is located, and where I’ve been cleaning it and other of the family’s furniture for about 3 years.

At said-relative’s basement, where the Hutch has been re-located since the widow’s husband died, the bottom-left cabinet door opens up without a human being opening it…and only the left cabinet door. Never the right one (that I can recall in the 3 years I’ve been cleaning it at the relative’s basement. And it was only while in this particular basement did the left cabinet door open: never the other houses where I’ve cleaned it before–that I can remember).

Now, by this point in this Blog, a more “believing” reader might interpret whether or not the late-husband’s “spirit,” perhaps, being the ‘force’ behind the opening of said-cabinet, Hutch door. Classically, many people throughout societies and for hundreds of years often connect a death in a family with such kinetic-Events, with family heirlooms–almost an atavistic response to the Unknown. The reader knows where I stand on such beliefs, but I leave that to the readers…

Speaking of which, this as-of-yet unexplained opening of (exclusively) the left cabinet, Hutch door would not, technically, be classified as a “Poltergeist.” Even if one were to believe that here. As the blog-site Psychokinesis Powers put it about Poltergeist events: “ “(term is) derived from two German words, “poltern” meaning “to make sound” and “Geist” meaning “ghost or spirit”, which literally means “a noisy ghost”. “ I’ve linked up not only 2 pictures of the China Hutch in question, but a video of the left door opening twice! (KEY note: it is always open when I go down to said-basement to clean…rare that it remains shut!) When one listens to the video, there are no odd or out-of-place sounds associated with the Event.

More to the point, and especially since it is only the left door, no “follow-up” Events happen. I simply close it; about a minute later the door quietly slides open and stays that way, until someone closes it…and slides open again. I’ve looked at the door and the space behind the door itself and found nothing in the vacant cabinet. The only reasonable speculation I can think of–based on apprx 3 years of observation of this Event–is a faulty or degraded cabinet-latch. After years of use, and perhaps a slight unevenness with the basement floor and/or the Hutch itself, most likely causes this.

More to the point, what I would have really been pumped on at a Paranormal-level with this Event, would have been if the door closed on its own! Even a hard-core Skeptic like me would have to start wondering about the dynamics of Reality at that point!
Until then, it seems fitting to file Event number six as an UNKNOWN.

*!! UPDATE, my official “DEBUNKMENT” of Blog no. 3–and I put it in quotations because, like I said in my now-non-accessible video due to Twitter, someone has to, first, make a claim of an Event in order for it to be debunked. Why? I’ve been to that worksite several times and that same hutch door has remained closed. Even as recent as yesterday, December 25, 2019…Technically speaking, it still could remain in the Unknown file, but my speculation of a poltergueist and, literally a couple of years of observation and my investigation justifies a Debunkment. ~Joseth Moore , December 26, 2019.

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*The actual #ChinaHutch. I believe it’s vintage is older than me (1970). Actual items inside it and the actual basement…

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