Para-Events Blogs: no. 2

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Joseth Moore·Thursday, June 21, 2018
Ok, whether you’ve read my inaugural blog or not, you should know that I’m not only a Skeptic about the Paranormal, but I’m an Atheist as well. Those two aspects of my life are not necessarily integral for investigating and researching, but it seems like a good fit to me, especially when one deals with investigating Paranormal ‘Events.’ Plus, as I’ve written about in Blog no. 1, so many people are truly “Believers” that I think there should be some representation from the Skeptics’ corner in the Paranormal somewhere!
This is not a long installment of Para-Events: a little foreshadowing, here; the situation cleared up quickly but it warranted a bit of research and slight investigation. If not, observation.

EVENT 5) Said-Event occurred at one of my jobs (which I will not name); the week of June 18 to the 20th, 2018. I say, week of, because it was two or three days said-Event was noticed. But the key conversation I’ve had with two people at this job-site happened on Tuesday, June 19, 2018.

At this work-site, one of my tasks is to clean windows. On the Monday of this week (June 18) the weather in Lincoln, Nebraska; USA was extremely humid! Indeed, the windows I cleaned were coated with water and water-droplets, which I had not seen in the approximate-three months of my employment there at said-time period. The next day, Tuesday, June 19, Employee A had asked if I cleaned the mirror to the women’s restroom. I informed Employee A I had not. Employee A asked another employee, Employee B–that also worked the first shift in opening the restaurant (only 3 of us)–whether or not s/he cleaned the mirror to the women’s restroom before opening to the public. Employee B also said that s/he did not.

Employee A quipped that there was, perhaps, ‘something’ at the restaurant (I noticed how s/he seemed to catch her/himself from saying the word “ghost”) that did it! *Key, around this point, I asked Employee A if there was some ghost story about the restaurant (my experience is, most restaurants have at least one or two ghost stories–I refer you to Para-Events Blog no. 1, linked below). Employee A said that many years ago (did not specify how many), on that same city block in downtown Lincoln, there used to be a “hospital,” as Employee A put it. Then s/he used the term “corrections,” as in an institute. If I remember correctly. Employee A, minutes later, took me a few yards away from the restaurant’s front doors and showed me antique, red bricks with names of some of the “patients” of reported-institution (later in my research, I learned the bricks were “Buffalo bricks,” produced by a defunct Buffalo Brick company out of Buffalo, Kansas. Great info from “Brick Names” website>>   ). This is relevant, because, as stressed in Blog no. 1, reported Para-Events with some kind of tangible artifact(s) that exist could be considered a “buttressing” point to a story–thereby, giving support for a Skeptic, like me, to even bother examining the Event! By the way, one can see two pics of the actual Buffalo bricks with actual names on them from my work-site! Found below in the Comments section…

Later that same day (Tuesday, June 19) Employee B informed both Employee A and myself that s/he had previously seen how the bathroom mirrors in both men’s and women’s restrooms get so saturated with moister due to the humidity in the two, small and enclosed restrooms that one could see (handprints and smudges, specifically–my emphasis) what looks like streaks, and be gone a few minutes later–as if someone had cleaned said-mirrors!

Later that Tuesday, I checked the humidity in Lincoln, Nebraska: according to, it was at 69%–considered high. That correlated with Employee B’s account of humidity affecting the bathroom mirrors. Because of these conversations I’ve had with the two other employees, which were backed up with a simple reading from for the barest of empirical data, I can confidently file Event 5 in the DEBUNK pile.

Below, in the Comments section, the Reader can see all relevant pics from this Para-Event investigation…the ones with the vintage 1935 city directory of Lincoln, Nebraska was when I went to Bennett Martin Library to research the property where said-institution had once functioned. I did not find any actual reference to a “hospital” nor “corrections” facility that Employee A told me about, but the pic with the words in bold, “DR BENJ F BAILEY SANATORIUM” is the closest I’ve come. But that location is not where my work-site is, though close.

The reader can read Para-Events Blog no. 1 HERE >>

I did not find any actual reference to a “hospital” nor “corrections” facility that Employee A told me about, but the pic with the words in bold, “DR BENJ F BAILEY SANATORIUM” is the closest I’ve come.

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