The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Rally–Lincoln, Nebraska, 2018: North America Blogs Edition.

(Original posting, Jan. 15, 2018.  *Original Facebook posting>>  )

There’s no way in hell I was not going to the Martin Luther King, Jr. march today in Lincoln, Nebraska–sponsored by the Lincoln Public Schools, amongst myriad of others. Not with the Trump-era. I’ve been to something like 16 of these marches. That’s 16 years, folks, though it’s been about six years since I’ve participated. Mostly due to me working. I have to say, after attending the Women’s March, the Science March, and one or two other marches in Lincoln when there have literally been thousands of protestors/rally-attendees in Winter-Spring 2017, in the post-Trump regime-era, this was pretty small. Maybe 200 marchers?

The main reason why I’m filing this in my North America Blogs is because my personal history has a extremely sad northern-America precedence: my parents were born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, under the Jim Crow eon!
They were both born in the middle of the Great Depression period and had suffered under the systemic, codified segregation laws of the dreaded South. Trust me folks, it was always separate and never equal! My mom, born Charlie Mae McClain (Moore, later), cleaned the beautiful homes of rich, Southern upper-class Whites and my future father had attended the “school of hard knocks” in Birmingham’s streets; later, other, bigger cities in the North, as he tried to get away from the racist South.

You know that egregious KKK bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church that killed four African-American girls that many of us read and hear about in the history books and the news media? Well, my mother told me, fairly recent, that she was just across from the street when those terrorists bombed that church! My mom told me how she remembered seeing the gaping hole on the side of the church after the bombing…

This is the same terrorist organization that is still active in 2018 that, now, supports much of Trump’s racist policies toward minorities on immigration, voter suppression, blocking Muslims from entering the United States, etc.

And we’re supposed to just shrug and say, Elections have consequences…? This is why I strongly support the new ANTIFA movement and no way will I ever go back to being a pacifist! That, and why I’ve been active in the Democratic Party and several Progressive, non-governmental organizations. I could go on about the importance of citizenry resistance when needed and me being on-board with the California- (CalExit) and the US Northwest-independence movements, but that would detract from the main meaning of this post. Besides, you can read about my thoughts on the Progressive-secessionist movements on my other blogs >>

My late-father, the first pastor of the First Pentecostal Holiness Church of Lincoln, Nebraska, told our family and his congregants that he and a cousin of his used to break with the Jim Crow laws and drink from the Whites Only drinking fountains from time to time! Ha! And some people in Lincoln’s political, polite society wonder where I get my rebellious streak from! And, in large part (though the search for a new church outside of Birmingham, Alabama was a bigger reason), because of my father’s dislike of the South’s racial-regime, the Moores packed up and moved to Lincoln, Nebraska in 1969. A year later, I would be born here. We did move back to Birmingham for a couple or months or so when I was about four years old, but I was told we ended up moving, yet again, to Lincoln. I still don’t have a full picture of that puzzle of my family’s history for some reason…

Today’s March was very energetic; up-beat–despite the over-all negative climate of America for minorities in the Trump regime. I told a White brother attending that, several years ago, I used to be opposed to all the music and dances of Lincoln’s MLK commemorations because I was so hard-core then. Besides working on most March-days, that was another reason why it had been so many years since I’ve attended the Marches! Now, as I’m in my late-40s, I appreciate seeing the youth carrying on the Civil Rights traditions with their social media tools and Millennial sub-culture! This is the way it should be, given how we, Generation-Xers have, now, replaced the Baby Boomers in all the Progressive marches and rallies and even political campaigns!

Below, in the Comments section, the readers can see my pics from today’s March. I let most of those pictures speak for themselves. All pics were taken by Joseth Moore
(Image: the Martine Luther King, Jr. Youth Rally and March of Lincoln, Nebraska; USA)

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