“Para-Events Blogs,” My New Blogging Series On the Paranormal: Anecdotes!

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Just do a Google-search or go to my LinkedIn page and the reader can see my paperback science fiction novels and ebooks. But I’ve also done several paranormal ebooks, too! Not surprisingly, given I’m an atheist, I’m a skeptic about such things–but not a debunker! And that’s a key difference. From the physical aspect of the paranormal field–UFO’s possibly being other, tangible beings from other tangible planets (or, less likely, solar systems); a Bigfoot or Sasquatch being(s) dwelling in various, thick forested areas and trying to avoid the predatory species called homo sapiens; those kinds of more “practical” paranormal stories, I can see a possibility of such events occurring…
And that word, Events, is key to this new blogging series, Para-Events Blogs. Because, most times, some kind of event happened. Whether someone perceiving to see a Shadowperson, to a creepy feeling someone had at some house, most times some kind of Event happened. It’s just that most people are superstitious and/or of some kind of Faith and they tend to interject their biased beliefs that some “supernatural” or paranormal being or event is there!

With that said, it’s still good to have either one or (preferably) more people who are as objective as possible and with some kind of knowledge of the Sciences and various Cultures so that they could investigate various sightings or reported, well, events… I mention the Sciences and Cultures because it’s good to have the scientific method as a foundation to sift through the bull shit that is out there. It’s popular for those in the paranormal communities to out-right accept any and every paranormal story told to them–or at least act like they do. I believe they do that so that others will do the same for them when they tell their own paranormal stories, as well!

Ok, there are two key aspects to this new paranormal blog-series I intend to do: A] I come at these, admittedly amateur, paranormal research and investigations being a Skeptic! Again, not a debunker. The investigative field of the paranormal is a kingdom of “Believers,” as those in attendance and guest-speakers at the History Channel’s Alien Con in Santa Clara, California in 2016 actually called themselves! I was as much an attendee as the Believers, but I didn’t pursue the issue further than mentioning it to #GeorgeNoory as we crossed paths. B] I think it’s important for me to document the actual items and/or location of said-paranormal events. This is actually pretty common in the paranormal community. Think, the Anabelle movies. I suggest the reader to do a search for the real doll–it looks more like a Raggedy Ann doll than the pernicious porcelain stuffie we see in the movie…the point is, whatever the events that happened–real or imagined (I’m inclined to doubt the main thrust of the movies/books), Ed and Lorraine (the wife is still alive!) Warren really existed and so does the Anabelle doll in a case at the Warrens’ Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut. Those are true Events. Hence, the importance of the doll, itself! (Some day I’d like for my wife and I to visit the Warrens’ museum!)

That’s where I’m coming from with this new series of the Para-Events Blogs…

Now, for my inaugural blog, I start with myself:

EVENT 1) Around 1979-to-1980, my brother and I (nine years old and ten years old, respectively) were out playing in the cul-de-sac of our family’s neighborhood; in Lincoln, Nebraska’s Chiswick area. It was in the Spring season, if I remember correctly. It was pretty foggy out–one of those thick, gray fogs that you can only get during Spring-time, or early-Summer. We couldn’t see about seven yards in front of us, due to the fog, but we heard a scraping sound coming toward us: like someone dragging their feet. Yet we saw no one! We didn’t wait to see who–or what–it was; we ran straight into our house! By my thirties, I really started thinking on this Event. I’ve even written a SciFi ebook partially based on this Event, “There’s No Place Like Zone” (Smashwords . com and Inkitt . com). Sorry I don’t have any pics for this Event. Happened approximately 38 years ago! No way to really retro-investigate this Event. I classify this in the UNKNOWN category, or results.

EVENT 2) From 2012 to 2013 I had two jobs; one of them at the 48 Bowl bowling alley in central Lincoln (pics below, in the Comments section). I heard about a young woman who was, apparently, murdered in that bowling alley by her boyfriend, years prior, and supposedly workers in the alley had witnessed some paranormal Events in the alley since then. One of the Events told to me (I went over today; January 19, 2018, by a former co-worker I talked with before I wrote this blog), was a situation where a manager (same guy pictured below with the chairs) was closing the alley by himself and it was late-night. No one else was at the bowling alley at the time, at least that this manager knew–that’s my input. The chairs used by 48 Bowl, as one can see in the pics below, are designed where the chairs can be stacked relatively high without tipping over…that night, the manager heard some noise in the section behind the pinball area. This same manager demonstrated for me how the chairs were stacked that night (pic); five-high. We both pushed on the stack of chairs, simulating someone bumping into them. They did not fall. Not until he deliberately let some topple over in order to show me how the fallen chairs looked that night. This manager insisted (again, I worked with him for a while; he’s a straight-shooter) no one else was in the bowling alley that night while he closed. Indeed, the manager actually looked at the recorded video footage of the back area–several times! Yet, he saw no one else walk through the back door to the area of the bowling alley. Of the four Events I’ve blogged about in this inaugural posting of Para-Events, this is the only one where I was not a witness. So that makes it even harder to judge for me. But, like I said, this manager is a level-guy. But I place this in the UNKNOWN category.

EVENT 3) In the Summer of 2014, my wife was in Kansas, where she’s from, to take care of some business while I stayed behind in Lincoln; looking for a new job at the time. I went to, and eventually got hired onto, the north 84th and “O” street Burger King (pictured). Months later, during the morning shift, I had a conversation with the general manager of the store. She claimed that there was a ghost in the fast food restaurant after a rectangular, plastic container had unexpectedly fallen off a wire-shelf! She said it had happened often. Ok, I had admitted, it was weird that no one was even in the grill area at that time, but I took it upon myself to conduct an impromptu paranormal investigation–right there; in the grill area of a Burger King store! Well, it turned out, the container had fallen again that same day, and it was due to vibrations on the surface that the wire-shelf (mind you, a slick surface against a slick plastic container!) rested on–I had simulated bumps or as if someone walked by and the surface shook slightly. Also–and this was the main point–it was only that particular wire-shelf did anything fall…nowhere else in the restaurant. That’s key, because it showed there was a pattern. Had there been other items that (often) had fallen off different shelves with different surface-textures, then I could have seen someone going to something paranormal. It’s safe to say that I had conducted my very first (amateur) paranormal investigation and I was solidly able to DEBUNK this particular Event. No joy nor disappointment in that; just objectively observing the Events around us at that time! Oh, by the way, I told my manager of my little investigation and the results, she insisted it was still a ghost.

EVENT 4) Now we’re in contemporary time; January 19, 2018. Another kitchen, the name of the business I’ve decided to keep anonymous. Today, a co-worker and I were on dishwashing duties for the day. It was a slow business day and around noon-ish when all of our co-workers present were in the front section of the establishment while my co-worker, on dish-duties with me, and I were in the main kitchen area; talking about something I’ve forgotten about. In the back area–where the large, industrial-grade dishwasher is located and had automatically turned off minutes previously!–there was a clanging sound! We both heard it, and it was quite loud! We both went to the washing machine area (again, it was off at this time!) and I spotted a small catering-spatula that I had picked up earlier and had put it in a washing-basket for the machine to clean–but earlier in the lunch period! Indeed, my co-worker insisted she had washed it earlier and had placed that particular spatula in a drawer! You better believe I took a picture of that spatula, specifically for this investigative blog. Indeed, it was because of this Event today at my morning job that I decided to create the Para-Events Blogs! I will say, there are at least a couple of things with this Event that bring out the Skeptic in me: a) In that back area with the washing machine, we always leave an oscillating fan on there so the dishes will dry faster (always on the locked position). So, it’s very possible that the blowing air from that fan could have, over time, finally blew that spatula off of whatever surface that spatula was on. b) Being a busy kitchen, we have several small, catering-spatulas. It’s possible my co-worker and I had seen a different one. But that point still would not explain why and how the spatula fell to the floor when no one was in the washroom and the machine was not running! Again, that’s were the oscillating fan might come in–though I’ve never seen any other utensils blown to the floor due to the fan in the seven-plus months I’ve been employed at this kitchen… I would classify this Event as UNKNOWN.

**Here is my #AlienCon #blog ~ “Ancient Aliens” Convention: Personalities & Impressions”  >>  https://www.facebook.com/notes/joseth-moore/ancient-aliens-convention-personalities-impressions/1108836392533053/

I told a co-worker who’s into the #Paranormal about my new #blog series & I told her the importance of EVENTS & OBJECTS & SETTINGS to it. I like how she put it: ‘ yeah, because otherwise you’re just telling ghost stories.” !!

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