Behind the Glass Comic Book Gallery: My North America Blogs Edition.

I’ve blogged from Silicon Valley and Orlando for my North America Blogs. This time I’m blogging from my hometown; Lincoln, Nebraska. A friend of mine, Nathanial Hamel , is comic book artist that just had his inaugural gallery opening for his comic-themed boutique called Behind the Glass. It coincided with Lincoln’s First Friday art-walks; the first Friday of every month in the capital city. I met Nathanial about a year ago at one of my favorite vintage stores where I can buy old comics and collectible toys, Toys From the Past, located in the Indian Village barrio of Lincoln: to those who don’t know Lincoln, Nebraska, a kind of Hipstery, Hippie, Blue Collar neighborhood just South and West of Lincoln’s Near-South area. One could say Lincoln’s sound-bite answer to New York City’s Greenwich Village–the last stop in NYC my first wife and I did after a week in America’s largest city back in November of the year 2000; less than a year before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Nathanial–some call him Nate–is a muscular, Steampunk-mustached, and tattooed dude who defies that old cliché of what we geeks look like! And just as image-defying is his commitment to his daughter, as one can sense from his Facebook page. He got his break in Denver a few years ago. Here’s an interview with Nathanial done by ComicPact back in 2015 >>  . Yes, those answer well-reflect how Nathanial talks! Aside from his new gallery, his other big project is the Barbarians: A Story of Two Badasses series. I’ve purchased a copy of the first two issues so far and Nathanial has been kind to autograph them both!

Behind the Glass comic gallery’s first guest artist was Langdon Foss. Perhaps Foss’ best-known work are: Get Jiro!–a production of famed-chef Anthony Bourdain, with Joel Rose, in a near-future Los Angeles is controlled by master chefs, much the way under lords controlled cities in the 19th and 20th centuries! Google Books >>  . Also, illustrations and designing for role-playing games of Wizards of the Coast and White-Wolf Games (Google Books). That’s pretty impressive…most impressive!
Other artists on hand were Chris Ralston; as is advertised on his business card: custom sketch cards, comic covers, art and more. I love his Star Wars pieces! My wife, Deni Moore , and I met Chris at Lincoln, Nebraska’s version of Comic Con, ConStellation Nebraska. Here’s Chris’ Instagram >>   .
There was also Caitlin Abele. Awesome artist with the acrylics, watercolor, and even digital mediums (For some reason, on a couple of her pieces I think of Edgar Allen Poe!) >>  .

There was another artist, but the gentleman was dismantling his table when I came across him and I did not want to impede him. He said he’d be there again, so I’ll make sure to blog about him later…

I had touched upon Nathanial’s Barbarians comic series. As one looks at the cover to issue no. 1, you can see the axe wielded in the series (sorry, in my pic of the two issues, the axe is partially covered). Had to give a shout out to Nathan–not Nathanial, in this case. But a friend of his that crafted the pictured axe BEHIND THE GLASS (couldn’t resist!), at the front of Nathanial’s gallery. There’s also a pic of Nathan (don’t remember his last name) standing next to his work-smith…speaking of ‘smith: Nathan and I had a conversation on how he crafted that axe–folks, that shit’s real steel; heavy, and could literally sever your head! It made the experience of the opening even better for me. I thought about the many trips my wife and I have gone to, at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival (KC Ren Fest) in Bonner Springs. We’d see modern-day blacksmiths (and, yes, they actually learned that ancient art!) working on their wares in their Medieval apparels…propagating that ancient art into the 21st century!

It was great seeing the turnout for Nathanial’s first show! I even loved the vintage, and actual-functioning Atari Asteroids Deluxe video game from the 1980s! Those who’ve read my posts on my vintage comics know how much I love vintage and even the 80s-culture! I look forward to seeing how Nathanial’s Behind the Glass comics gallery will help put Lincoln on the map of the Geekdom on the North American continent!

**You can read the original Facebook post HERE, WITH great pics! >>

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