Tech: Baby Boomers, & Even Some GenXers, Still Don’t Get It!

Ok, I’m a classic Geek but not a Techie, but even I get that Tech-industries and their spin-offs are what’s happenin’!
I’ve mentioned several times of my trip to Silicon Valley in 2016–though for Alien Con, it still taught me a lot of where the future is. And it’s not just the San Fran region, but Silicon Alley, and, hell, there’s even a Silicon Prairie! This shows that there are a lot of people throughout the US that are not necessarily trying to mimic the Valley, but, rightly so, trying to compete with it and even learn from the kids out there. (And I do mean Kids! Check out my “A Slammer’s Wist: San Francisco” >>… )
What’s driving me crazy is it’s not just the Baby Boomer generation that’s still holding recalcitrant attitudes toward Tech, in general–as if it were some fad or something, but even my peer GenXers!
Without divulging any details, I recently sat with a professional investment agent. Originally I went to this person for one line of service, but got excited when I was told by this individual that s/he also worked with clients on investing in sectors such as Tech! Several days later, as we sat to discus my options, this agent showed me the OGs of Mutual Funds and the likes–as in, certain “legacy companies’ ” investments in Tech stocks–and even then, the levels were modest by my standards! Perhaps it’s because I’m a blue-collar worker. Never mind that I’m in Grad School, but I suppose that doesn’t count.
The agent seemed to try to steer me away from actual Tech investments and to stick with that good ol’-fashioned holdings and shit… I basically told this person, Look, I’m in my late-forties, I want to make money fast and specifically in Tech–something I believe in.
Also, I was watching Bloomberg TV and they had the CEO of Verizon, Lowell McAdams, on and he was interviewed during a conference. No offense to him, but he seemed rather nonchalant about Tech-platforms! As if Verizon would eventually get to it, but, to paraphrase McAdams, the industry was saturated! Platform Hunt did a great article on plaforms >>… . What’s the big deal? I’m a SciFi author, and though I’m not making a living out of it, but if it weren’t for Smashwords and Inkitt ebook publishers (platform), and if it weren’t for Soundcloud (platform), and the podcasts I’ve done with a couple of podcasters (platform)–one out of Toronto–my eNovels, eNovellas, and eBook-shorts would not have gotten the thousands of readings of my books. Which is very modest, still. I’m old enough to remember the days of, literally, cut-and-paste flyers to get your name out; mailing paper copies of my books to publishers and agents–lots of money on postage for me!
Or, how about this: How many of us know any Boomers (roughly 65 and older) that have high-quality smartphones? I mean, Apple or, even, a Samsung? If they cannot afford one, that’s different. I’m talking about Boomers who deliberately go out of their way to not buy a quality (does not have to be the most expensive) smartphone. When I run into a co-worker of such age and we chat about phones, I get the sense that they see smartphones as some toy that’s just a fad and all these Millennials and GenXers are missing the “real” important things in life–you know; puppies and shit.
Deloitte has a wonderful article on Tech-trends >>… . From 3D Printing to robots to cognitive technologies, they point out this is where the world is going, Kids!
Indeed, for certain major urban centers on the globe, it’s not the future; this is happening now, Baby Boomers… You, too, fellow GenXers!

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(Image: Apartment Therapy)

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