“ANTIFA, Pacifism, & Where I Fit In.”

Ordinis Saecularis.  Joseth Moore.  August 27, 2017.

Look, I’m a Progressive Atheist now, but raised as a pacifist.  So, I know and understand where my fellow-Lefties who are of the granola-pacifist faction are coming from.  Only, my pacifism was not of the Liberal nor Hippie background…

I was raised Pentecostal in my youth.  Pacifist-Pentecostal.  My late-father, whom was the pastor of the First Pentecostal Holiness church of Lincoln, Nebraska, had taught his congregation that it was a “sin” to kill in any way–even for self-defense!  He took that verse in in the Old Testament of the Bible, Exodus 20:13, as, literally, it was a sin to kill.  Rather than to mean, you really shouldn’t go around and murder people.  But it was his congregation; his rules, as pertain to a pastor’s discretion.

But because of that lack of differentiation, I grew up thinking it was a sin to do any type of self-defensive action!  The philosophy was, ‘Even in self-defense you have a high chance of killing another human being–even if your intentions are not to…and the Bible says, Thou Shalt Not Kill.  Therefore, playing it safe to stay in God’s good graces, we, Pentecostals will not join the military, take self-defense classes…’

You get the point.  I registered as conscientious objector when I turned 18.  I got beat up a couple of times and did not defend myself…

Fast forward to the Joseth anytime around 2005 and beyond, that pacifism is long gone!  Largely due to me leaving the church and becoming an Atheist–besides pacifism, a great deal of other non-religious concepts I dropped.  But that’s for another Editor’s corner.

I bring this up because it’s a very important issue for American Progressives (and others, especially in Europe), with all the hatred and violence that Donald Trump has catalyzed in this country during the 2016 campaign and after he, I guess, won the electoral college vote.  And with all the White nationalism movement being regenerated under Trump, the American-Left’s de facto troops–the Anarchists–have, also, been galvanized!  And let’s just say, they’re not of the ’60s SNCC (Student for Nonviolent Coordinating Committee~The King Center) movement!  In particular, the faction of Anarchists with the ANTIFA (Anti-Fascist Action~wikipedia) philosophy.  These black-cladded Progressives are the Left’s army against the neo-Nazis and neo-Confederates that might be thinking of trying to intimidate minorities by holding torch-lit rallies in America’s streets!

I know a lot of Progressives in our modern-day coalition disagree with me on this, but ANTIFA is very much needed!  So, what are we, minorities of various categories, supposed to do; let Nazis carry out an American version of Kristallnacht while we shiver indoors and let them take even more power than they already have in USA?

I don’t think so.

This has always been the biggest weak-spot for us on the Left.  We’re open-minded and accepting of everyone–unless you’re out to kill us, the earth, and other exceptions, of course!  But while the Right Wingers had been amassing their weapons of all sorts during the ’80s and ’90s, during their heydays of anti-government -ism, we Progressives had been walking on eggs to placate these people (via moderate legislation on gun control, etc).  Right Wingers who believe that the mere existence of my bi-racial daughters and my marriage to their mom (and my current wife) is some kind of “abomination” at the very genetic level!

No more.  No more placating-legislation to appease the Right Wingers.  No more minorities feeling scared walking down our own streets that we pay our hard-earned taxes for!  And no more pacifism for me and a large portion of this generation of Progressives…


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