A Slammer’s Wist: San Francisco…

This Slam Poetry was originally posted by me on Facebook, after my trip to Silicon Valley in October of 2016…  Joseth Moore.


Joseth Moore · Friday, October 28, 2016

Belgium poet Mary Sarton decried the alieness of Old Age. While I’m a Gen-Xer and still on that journey to the land of the Old, I sure the hell can see the landscape getting larger and larger in my windshield as I drive in this road trip we call Life…
I sware…it isn’t enough that all of my bosses at my various jobs are always younger than me–young enough to be my own children, but, Et tu, San Francisco? Even on my getaway?
I come bearing gifts that a Middle-Ager could share, but you seem more interested in GIFs.
Your youthful carapace reflects the glow of your high-tech soul-mate, your tribal markings are the skinny genes and the faux-boot of some kind and your stylish, thick-rimmed glasses–often complimented by the thin wire that is connected to your ears, which often leads back to that soul-mate of yours…
Your kind seem to gather in small groups, when you are not working–and sometimes even while! Your trade is in the Electronic Arts, with its Apps, Codes, Social Drivings, and such. Your complexion varies from White to various grades of Asian accents. It was only in the depths of your downtown, out in the hard rain, did I see any signs of Dark spots that were on you.
And you are beautiful. You are also grimy. But it’s a good look for you. You are a conurbation of Millennials, pulling every string and lever, where in time past it would’ve been your grandparents–only, Diesel- or Atomic-punk! A spike of jealousy keeps nagging at me as I walk your streets. How this should’ve been me–me being YOU, when I was younger. Me being you, that Star City that I go back to not having such celestial qualities after all… but it’s me.
When it’s all said and done, it always goes back to being Me. Me being reminded of the future whenever I see entire cities now being ruled by the Children, Me being of a generation where it’s expected of us to be at home after we’ve toiled for the day, Me being reminded of my own mortality and, worst yet, my own superfluity…

**See my original Facebook post >>  https://www.facebook.com/notes/joseth-moore/a-slammers-wist-san-francisco/1107511039332255/

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