America, Perhaps It’s Time For A Divorce?

Joseth Moore· (Original posting:  Wednesday, July 13, 2016)

Brexit. Those of us that follow international news know the turn-out of that Referendum. After decades of being a member of the European Union, the UK citizens had barely voted to “Leave” the EU. Mind you, some misunderstood the catastrophic consequences, or some on the Right, frankly, smudged the positives about leaving, but that’s another argument. Since the Referendum, the British Pound had lost approximately 31 years of gains, and many international businesses are in the process of pulling up their stakes in the UK for more stable grounds…

What does the Brexit have to do with my post? Well, like I told my wife on one of my tirades on American politics, we, in the US, need to learn from the Brexit situation–as in, Whether or not we, Americans, even want to be a nation anymore, because we are acting like we don’t even want to be in this ‘political marriage!’

The UK’s referendum is kind of like one gigantic, geo-political experiment–in real-time!–on what a modern, industrialized nation would go through if such nation decided to dissolve, via the ballot-box. Especially, while avoiding a civil war!

Now, the example or analogy of the UK’s exit from the EU is not a parallel story. For the European Union is a federation of sovereign countries. The United States of America, obviously, is comprised of 50 states and commonwealth-states (my creation–like it?). But, the similarities of the Brexit is close enough.

So, should we, the United States, vote to dissolve our Union? Why am I even asking this? You know why: the racial divisions have gotten worse since President Obama’s election, because of the reaction of White supremacists to him. President Obama did not create the division. You can read various, objective sources about the hate groups that have grown right after Obama’s election–something like, from 800+ to around 1,300 by 2013…check Southern Law Poverty, the Justice Department, etc. We, also, see–thanks to smartphone tech & people with the presence of mind to do it–the recordings of White cops (some Black ones, too) beat and kill unarmed African-American men. I don’t remember the source, but since the Federal government does not officially record the race of people killed by cops, some independent academic groups did some digging and found that something like 400 Black men have been killed by police officers, on average, each year for the past 3 to 4 years. (Sorry, I don’t remember who these students & grad students are. No time for much research today.) Then, we still have the run-of-the-mill racism in society where death is not involved…

Ok, what about the “other side?” What do I mean? Well, we saw how Micah Johnson, a Black nationalist & racist, killed the five police officers in Dallas. He wanted to specifically kill White cops. Days later, a few young Black people were caught trying to do the same thing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The number of Black nationalist groups and/or hate groups has almost reached 200, from just over 100 a few years ago…not surprising, a reaction to police killing several unarmed African-American men. Not surprising, but a terrible trend!

Oh, by the way, did I mention that I’m African-American?

Ok, bottom-lining it, here: with all that I simply outlined above, with Republicans having elected Donald Trump as their nominee for the general election, and with so many Conservative Americans that hate Hillary Clinton, the Culture Wars (LGBT rights, abortion rights, etc)…we are not behaving like a nation that wants to be as one America anymore! And, personally speaking, before we have the American Civil War sequel, I’d rather do it via the ballot-box than to have civil war–like the Brexit referendum!
Look, I don’t want this to happen, but it seems the logical path to go. Problem is, the logistics. A few years ago, I called an agency that deals with Constitutional procedures at the legislative level. In order for the US to have a similar referendum, like the UK, we’d have to get something like 2/3 of an OK from all 50 US states’ legislatures; about 2/3 of the House of Representatives ok; and about 2/3 of the Senate to pass a bill for that Proposition (is what the guy in DC over the phone said how Americans call our “referendums”) just to vote on whether or not we want to remain a united state! Then, of course, you’d have the need for the president (whomever that would be!) to even sign the damn bill…& that’s the “Constitutional path” to hold an “American-style” Brexit!

Ok, safe to say the US Founders did that on purpose to “rig” (couldn’t resist!) the Constitution so we would not “Amerexit” ourselves…

So, just thinking about how we, Americans, have been acting toward one another, & what would be involved in “divorcing” ourselves from those “Other Americans,” should we split the United States up? Remember the US’s requirements from the House, the Senate, & all 50 statehouses…& even if we did actually achieved such near-fantasy law, how would we divide this “new America” up? Who’d get all that flat, fertile prairie land? Anybody want the Dakotas’ “badlands?”

Think on this, America. Seriously think…

~Joseth Moore; SciFi author. American citizen…I think.

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(image from the movie Purge)

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