A Call For Progressives to Secede FROM the United States of America…

by Joseth Moore  (Originally posted: December 15, 2015)

I have been advocating this for a few years now. And people who follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn who are offended by my stance on this can “unFriend” me and that would be just fine for me…what’s going on in America and the rest of the world is far more important.

Not to be confused with those Reich-Wingers you find in those backwards states in the Great Plains, the SouthWest, or the South. I’m talking about Socialists, Anarchists, Liberals, Secularists, Hippies, Hipsters…ALL those of the Progressive demographics and philosophies of modern-day societies, and others I’ve left out.

Some references here: io9’s wonderful article by Lauren Davis titled “10 Movements to Secede from the United States” LINK: http://io9.com/5923080/10-movements… is a great start. The Conch Republic, Second Vermont Republic, Republic of Lacotah, and the Republic of Cascadia (again, I encourage all to read the linked-article) are not all, exactly, on the same page politically. The ‘Conch’ is considered, more or less, a parody to demonstrate how even Liberals could get fed up with the US Federal government. But, again, referencing these movements as some form of precedence, it’s a place to start.
Then there’s Hawaii. Al Jazeera America’s Brittany Lyte’s article “First steps toward Native Hawaiian sovereignty get tripped up” is another great reference: LINK: http://america.aljazeera.com/articl…

The US Supreme Court, not surprisingly, had blocked the counting of ballots for an election by early December 2015 (just a few weeks ago) that would’ve set the stage for Native Hawaiians to convene a constitutional convention for the formulation of Sovereignty from the US! Guess Justice Kennedy (for some reason, the sole Justice that officially acted on this issue, according the article) could not handle the possibility of the Native Hawaiians starting to pull that first string that would unravel that tattered cloth called United States of America!

Bottom lining this: speaking from my perspective, I want to live in a new, sovereign area of North America built specifically for Progressives because I’m tired of “trying” to live with a bunch of bigots (based on race, ethnicity, religion, political identity, sexual orientation, and classes) that think they have the right to KILL others, or kick them out of /keep from America, whom they deem unacceptable for the afore-mentioned classes! And I say this with absolutely no irony that I truly believe that if we keep this up there will be a Second American Civil War!

So, to avoid this, I say we, Progressives, should formulate a new North American country–if not, at the very least, some kind of “Autonomous” entity. Kind of like the way Hong Kong was, before returning back to China recently…that seemed to work for Hong Kong. If it were not for the “lease” agreement from the United Kingdom, Hong Kong would have remained autonomous, I’m sure (but, technically, under British rule–so a little different).

I’ve researched this for years, now. The US NorthWestern region (Washington and Oregon states) keep coming up among Progressives I’ve read about. Or, California. I, personally, think those areas would be excellent places to start. They are already the most Progressive regions of USA. Why try to re-invent the wheel?
This is, actually, just a concept proposal. I will probably write and post more on this. But we Progressives, who want to actually secede from the current American system, with the Republican Party occupying the majority of the levels of government, have to start somewhere and stop simply talking or joking about it!
~Joseth Moore. Lincoln, Nebraska; USA

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UPDATE: I should have also mention that a Progressive could always MIGRATE to another nation. HOWEVER, to me, as an African-American with Cherokee heritage, MY PERSONAL LINEAGE IN USA IS DEEP; WHY THE HELL SHOULD I “LEAVE”?

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